Beginning Farmer: Instagrammers I Love to Follow

David nor I have any farming background - like at all.  I have a great-aunt and uncle (and cousins) that own a farm in Indiana that we would visit, but I never really helped with anything on the farm.  So when David and I knew we wanted to own a farm and get farm animals, I created my Instagram account for the farm (originally called PrairieBox.Farmhouse, if anyone was around for that! Hello!). I started following a bunch of farmers and ranchers, trying to figure out what we were doing.  Here's a few of them that educated me on how to do this. 

Five Mary's Farm

What kind of rancher on Instagram would I be if I didn't mention Five Mary's Farm? This was the first rancher I found, with Mary Heffernan, living out in Fort Jones, California.  Her and her husband are first generation as well (with family history), but they are great about educating and entertaining.  I still learn things by watching her stories on what food we should be feeding the steer, how to splint a broken calves foot, and how to care for these animals we are entrusted to.  If you haven't heard of @FiveMarysFarm then you should follow them immediately.  

Farmwife Guru

Whitney is amazing.  She is a hardworking farm mom, who tells it like it is.  I never see Instagrammers show hard moments where they have to correct their kids behavior, Whitney shows it (obviously this isn't the majority of her content).  It feels like a genuine friend, who talks to you about their hard, showing you real life.  Whitney is a crop farmer, wife, podcaster, and 4H mom, so I do not follow her for anything related to cattle, but her page makes me feel seen.  Follow Whitney at @FarmwifeGuru


Watching Brook on Instagram is how I put myself in a good mood.  She just radiates joy.  She owns a calf-cow operation primarily focused on genetics.  She does not sell her beef.  I love the insight into what goes on at a different type of operation, but she also sells Ranch Goods and is an entrepreneur.  Her positivity just makes my day better, while also teaching me things.  Follow @RockingBarHRanch here!

And some honorable mentions that I started following after owning the farm, but would have helped me if I would have followed them a lot sooner.  


Dezeray lives in Montana completely off the grid.  She posts interesting reels, daily life, and tips on how to do it yourself.  I love her perspective on life, her commitment to doing the harder thing, and her love for Jesus.  I find myself searching her out if the algorithm doesn't show MtnDogFarm to me right away.  Follow along at @MtnDogFarm and be equally as amazed! 


Please tell me you have followed Emily at ReallyVeryCrunchy (formerly VeryCrunchyMomma).  She is hilarious, creating reels that both poke fun at, and support a crunchy lifestyle.  No one is safe from her satire, with my favorite thing to do after she posts her reel is to check the comment section.  Everyone always asks, "wait is this real?"  I can't even describe in words the hilarity of the reels, while also making me evaluate my own preconceived notions.  I want to be crunchier and you will too.  Follow @ReallyVeryCrunchy and laugh with me today!


I don't know how to describe Kate.  Which is, I'm sure, why many enjoy following.  She lives in Canada on a farm with her husband and kids, she shows the real life behind homesteading.  She preserves food, makes cheese, has a garden, and lives a real outdoor life with her kids.  I just remember her showing a comment of someone saying if cheese has mold the entire thing needs to be thrown away.  Kate said something along the lines of what she likes to do with mold on cheese is to cut it off, put it in her mouth, and eat it.  I was shocked at first, but then she asked the question, "When did our society become so scared of our food?" And that made me reevaluate everything.  I still won't be eating moldy cheese (probably haha), but it made me think.  If you'd like to follow her as well, her username is @venisonfordinner.  Enjoy!


So these are just a few farm specific Instagram pages that have helped me on our beginning farmer journey.  Is there any you would suggest? Email me to offer suggestions and I might do a part 2!