About Us

We are so glad you are here!

I don't know how you stumbled across us, but thank you for being here! We are a small-acre family farm serving Walworth, Kenosha, McHenry, and Lake County.  We have free-range egg-laying chickens, ducks, and pasture-raised turkeys.  We are also raising our own cattle for beef and breeding but we currently have a lower inventory. You found us as we are just starting out.  Stick around for the journey by joining our email list, please scroll to the bottom and receive a weekly email with all sorts of farm facts!  Then you can find all the food we have for sale and the stories behind how it was grown! 


Surprisingly David has always dreamed of living on a farm. He first went to college to become a police officer but knew the hours wouldn't be great for raising a family.  Then he switched majors to Business Administration.  This background helped make his part-time job at Jewel-Osco into a full time career.  Working for Jewel for 15 years now, David understands what it means to work hard.

The hope is to one day allow David a chance to step into farming full time.  He is passionate about raising animals, constantly learning, working outside, and his family.  All of which farming allows him to excel in.  

He's the "do-er" of the family, trying to create and implement all of Ashley's ideas.


As a high school English teacher, with a masters in Educational Technology and Educational Administration, Ashley never thought she'd live on a farm.  Sure, she loves being outdoors, biking, camping, hiking, kayaking, but feeding a cow? Never showed up on her radar. 

David eventually wore her down and since she's not scared of hard work - 4G farms was purchased.  Ashley works mostly on the interior of the house, renovating the 1911 farm, contributing to help with farm chores every night, and is also the primary voice behind the 4G farm social media pages.  

She's definitely the dreamer of the bunch coming up with many new ideas - although often lacking follow through.

The Twins:

The identical boys are the reason we are working so hard.  We want to build the family farm for them to inherit (if they want it).

E is the older by five minutes and loves all things Mickey and the "baby moo moo cows".  He loves petting all the farm animals and doesn't seem to be scared of anything.

I is the younger brother but definitely the more independent of the two.  He has no problem playing by himself but wants to see what his brother is doing first - just in case it's more fun.  He loves getting "out-dye" (outside) as often as he can.

They are the "fun-havers" of the group.  They don't contribute much but they definitely have fun doing it!

The Family:

For our family, we are working on building a legacy for our kids to inherit.  We want the family farm to be not only profitable, but healthy.  Healthy land, healthy animals, and healthy bodies.  To accomplish all of this we are using new farming practices to help regenerate the pasture, growing animals outside, and ensuring everyone on the farm is happy and living their best possible life.  This way of life may not be the cheapest option, but we know it's our best option.

We are passionate about showing you how your food has been treated, removing the guilt from your purchase.  We take care of our animals and we truly appreciate the trust you've placed in us to ensure we are doing it right.  


Contact us: 

Email: 4gaurafarm@gmail.com

Text/Call: 815-651-1361

Message: The Facebook Page or the Instagram Page