What to Know: Buying 1/2, 1/4, and whole beef

When selling at the Farmer's Markets this summer, a popular question was if we sold, "like a half cow?" With the unstable markets, inflation, and traumatic memories of meat purchasing during the pandemic, customers are very interested in purchasing bulk meat.  It makes sense, you can get filet mignon for the bulk price. 

This year we are finally able to offer this type of purchase.  However, this is new to us as well, so please be patient as we figure out answers.  Here's what we do know. 

How Much Is the Deposit?

We are charging for both the processing fee AND the cost of maintenance.  So the deposit is just getting close to what you will pay.  You will still owe more money when you receive your meat.  

  • Quarter Beef: $5/lb and the deposit is $400.
  • Half Beef: $4.50/lb and the deposit is $700. 
  • Whole Beef: $4/lb and the deposit is $1,000.

How Much Meat?

Obviously remember that this is completely unknown until day of pickup.  We charge based on processed weight, so it depends on how much meat you actually take home.  You can expect these general numbers in regards to amount of meat.

  • Quarter Beef: 100 - 125lbs
  • Half Beef: 180 - 250lbs
  • Whole Beef: 350 - 500lbs

Total Cost?

Again, I can only give estimates.  So based on the numbers above you can expect to pay around:

  • Quarter Beef: $500 - $625
  • Half Beef: $810- $1,125
  • Whole Beef: $1,400- $2,000


What Can You Expect?

Here at 4G Farm, we want to get to know our customers, and we want you to get to know us.  Because of this goal, we will be working with you from the beginning until you receive your meat.  Once you put down a deposit, we will be in contact with you through your preferred method of communication for the date and if you'd like free delivery or pickup.  As we get closer to the date we will chat through email and figure out your cut list.  If you'd like to do it over phone we can arrange that as well. 

We will pickup the meat, ensure it matches your specifications and then either having it waiting for you at the farm or drop off that day.  We don't yet have the freezer space for keeping that many pounds for you, so you will have to be available that day for delivery/pickup (it can be after work as well, or a friend can pick it up if you are on vacation).


We are really excited to offer this method of getting 4G meat into your hands.  Thank you for trusting us to nourish your family with farm raised meat from a small family farm.  If you'd like to make a deposit and reserve yours today, check out the link here.  We love your support!