What to Know: How does Online Pickup work?

One of our most popular questions is how the online pickup works.  People are asking if they have to purchase online, what happens when they do, and why they would want to.  So I'm going to break it all down, in case that was one of your questions!

Do I Have to Purchase Online?

No! You don't have to.  However, due to the possibility of thefts we don't want to put that much product in the outside freezer.  Also if something happens, like our fridge temp got bumped and froze/cracked all the eggs, we wouldn't want to lose a ton of product.  

So if you stopped at the farmstand freezer hoping to buy two porterhouses, there won't be any there.  If you checked out our website, put everything in the cart you wanted, and then clicked "pickup", you're order will be waiting for you within 24 hours. 

What Happens if I Do Order Online?

If you make an online purchase and click "pickup", we are immediately notified. If you'd like your order quicker than 24 hours (or longer!) then please email us at 4gaurafarm@gmail.com and we will have it waiting for you when you are ready. 

We put together your order and on our end click the "ready for pickup" button.  That sends an email to you letting you know the order is waiting at the end of the driveway in the freezer.  At the very bottom of the email it has directions on how pickup works, but I can still give you a brief description!

Normally your order will be in a paper bag with your name written on it.  If there are multiple bags I will write "1 of 2" and "2 of 2" on them so it's clear how many you are supposed to pick up.  For example if you purchase a whole chicken and duck eggs, you will have one bag in the "online pickup" freezer with 1 of 2 written on it and another bag with the eggs in the "eggs" fridge with 2 of 2 written on it.

Why Should I Order Online?

You can shop from the comfort of your phone, check out, and pickup without ever having to talk to anyone.  Of course, you can always click "Ship" which on the website really means delivery, and we will drop your purchase off at your house! 

Many use our farm to plan out their weekly meals.  Saturday is our busy day with customers' weekly meat purchase ready and waiting for them on Sunday! This way they can know what is waiting for them and already have the recipes prepped for their other shopping.  If you are considering shopping online, please check out our website and don't forget, you can filter your results!

Thank you for supporting our farm as we try to bring you the best tasting food with no guilt on where it came from.